Shifting The Illusion of Success Into Reality With Career Strategy

by Wanda Ropa on May 17, 2011

Success may be defined as “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

Yet, success in truth is purely subjective because every individual has a different expectation. The key is to understand if your expectation is realistic or based on illusion.

Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook have become familiar tools of our current culture. Semil Shah explores how social networks mesmerize us into a false sense of security and lead us to believe that we are positioning ourselves for success. In previous times, TV advertisers created illusions with perfume commercials that all we had to do to attract a handsome Prince Charming was to mist ourselves with a branded fragrance. They created a great mystique. Similarly, when we connect with other individuals who are powerful, successful, and the top players in their field, we get comfortable into believing that we’ve been invited to their inner circle of influence. The reality is far from the truth. They continue to have the influence and we are just their audience.

So, how do you turn things around? How do you position yourself as an expert, a credible authority in your field? It isn’t enough to be connected or build a network on Linked In, Facebook, or Twitter. We need to prove our worth each and every week. We need to create significant content or value to our intended recipients.

Blogging is the first way to begin to develop your unique value proposition, or your personal brand. Here is an easy way to develop your professional voice in your field. With the advent of the Internet and social networks, it is possible if you begin a dedicated strategy of focusing on a specific niche to become known as an expert in that area within 2 years.

So, before you start out the gate, with creating a blog, you first need to identify your vision. Who do you want to become? What is your long-term plan? Is it realistic or is it just feeding an illusion? The best way to test your proposed plan is to ask the people that know you: your friends, your colleagues, your business associates. However, remember, they may be biased to keep you in exactly the same place you’re in because it will make their lives or work easier. The most successful individuals in the world had professional help and didn’t get to where they are today by themselves. If you’re ready to truly be serious about executing on your vision and becoming successful at work or in business, then identify a professional who is an expert on career strategy. They will be able to be objective and help you separate fact from fiction. After all, isn’t having real success worth it?

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