March 21, 2010

Success Coach and Creativity Architect™

“Wanda has a unique gift when it comes to working with people. Wanda TRULY wants to help people succeed. She has the unique capability to focus on the needs of the person with whom she is speaking. She is a great listener and totally engages in the needs of the person. She is intelligent, witty, flexible, hard working, caring, intense, and fun. People flock to her; she has a “pied-pier” ability to draw people to her, and handles this gift with respect.” – Martha Gleason, Chief Human Resources Officer, Ames, IA

My Success Coaching Approach & Tools

During collaborative coaching sessions, you will develop immediate action steps to:
· Achieve immediate relief with a fresh perspective
· Identify the root cause and clearly identify solutions
· Reframe your current situation into manageable segments
· Navigate and clear current obstacles
· Boost your confidence using easy tools
· Explore and enhance your success potential and peak performance at work
· Design your road map for success and happiness
· Discover what holds you back from meeting your expectations
· Create movement and traction with your goals
· Shift into patterns of success by experiencing “flow” – your optimal state
· Find your triggers and get into flow
· Create sustaining change and experience success at work, business, relationships, life

Contact me for an introductory phone coaching session ($50 US) to help you boost your creative problem solving skills or clearly understand what’s going on in your situation. Start with an introductory consultation to help you reframe your perceptions to get in shape for success, if you are looking to:
· Become an inspired leader and enhance your social intelligence
· Advance your career or be promoted
· Transition out of your current career
· Start a business or expand your current business or practice
· Get clarity about your career or what you want to do when you grow up
· Develop a personal strategic plan
· Create lasting change in your work and life
· Successfully sell your ideas
· Achieve results with ease and pleasure
· Manage up and manage down
· Attain peak performance at work
· Shift into patterns of success and create your dream job and your dream life
· Experience life as easy, fun, and effortless

Are you in shape for success? Are you in the driver’s seat? Or are your perceptions managing you? Take the Perception Fitness Profile below and find out:

1. Do you ignore your hunches? Your gut feelings? Your intuition?

2. Are you restless and want more?

3. Are you having trouble making decisions? Taking action?

4. Are you experiencing a recurrent theme of starting, then stopping, and then starting, only to stop in your tracks once again?

5. Are you frustrated and feel that you will never make any changes?

Results for the Perception Fitness Profile

If you answered YES to ALL 5 questions, you’re feeling stuck in your perceptions and severely blocked. Coaching may help you reframe your perceptions and move forward on your goals.

If you answered YES to 3-4 questions, your problem solving skills need a boost. Learn to identify what’s blocking your creative problem solving skills with knowledge and techniques that will boost your creative intelligence. Coaching may help you jumpstart the process to success.

If you answered YES to 1-2 questions, you are able to make decisions but not completely fulfilled. Increasing your creative intelligence just requires learning more techniques and practicing. Coaching may help you learn some new techniques to create greater success.

What’s Next?

Contact me today for an introductory phone coaching session ($100 US) to help you boost your creative problem solving skills or clearly understand what’s going on in your situation.  After your initial consultation, fees to continue coaching range from $398 to $796 (US) per month, depending on the time and frequency of appointments. All coaching is conducted over the phone.